My e-mail on the previous page probably sums it up best and is a true reflection of how I felt at the time. I did get the usual ‘blues’ a few weeks after getting back to ‘normality’ but if anything I felt inspired to try something else. The physical side really wasn’t an issue to either Nige or I and I think our natures are such that we like organising stuff and being prepared. I did envy those I came across who did it as a spur of the moment thing and didn’t know where they would be staying each evening. I wished I could be more like that.

All said though, the Coast to Coast was a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t change a single thing about how it went. Anyone who reads this and misconstrues my ‘moaning’ about weather etc has missed the point that it was all done tongue in cheek and I was actually glad that things turned out so ‘extreme’. It gave me an excuse to go on about how hard I had it and drove me on to keep this journal.

Since this walk in July 2010 Nige and I have walked the West Highland Way (May 2011) and are due to attempt the Pennine Way on June 28th 2012.